Admissions Essays/Personal Statements

“Rita has been invaluable in helping me expand my college admission consulting business by providing a vital essay editing component that has added extraordinary value for my clients. She has been instrumental in perfecting the grammar, syntax, and structure of the college admission essays for my clients.  Rita also asks insightful questions that help my clients clarify their ideas, thus improving the essays. I am particularly happy with Rita’s ability to trim bloated essays into concise masterpieces without influencing the writing styles of my clients. I’m especially grateful for Rita’s exceptional professionalism and prompt response to my requests.”

Wei-Li Sun, Principal of Ask Ms. Sun: Guiding Students to Their Top Choice UCs Since 2006

“Rita Zobayan is a great resource! After being out of school (and out of writing practice) for several years, I turned to Rita for help. She edited my admissions essay for graduate school. In addition to editing my essay, Rita met with me to ensure my essay expressed exactly what I intended. Thanks for your help, Rita!”

Marianne M., M.S. in Special Education

“After taking a four-year hiatus from school, I decided to apply for graduate school. The application process required a personal statement, but I did not feel confident in my writing skills. When I asked Rita to help me edit my paper, not only did she go over it with written feedback, she took the time to meet with me one-on-one to discuss the paper. Her feedback was positive and constructive. Because of Rita’s feedback, I was accepted into the program and now have my Masters. Thank you, Rita!!”

Janet H., M.S. in Special Education


“When it come to copy writing, Rita Z is a great complement to to our company’s graphic design services.  She has a knack for organizing disjointed information, adding some competitive research, and delivering clear and concise messaging.  She’s a quick study, and appreciates working crazy hours.  There’s always obvious brainpower behind each of Rita’s submissions.  Our clients consider her talented — we think she’s simply magical.”

Peter Godefroy, Creative Director of Dragonfly Design Group


“Rita has been an invaluable help as an editor for my 32,000-word middle grade novel. She has a keen eye for grammatical and spelling errors, and an attention to details that are often overlooked by writers. With her help, the quality of my work has been elevated to the point where I am confident during the submissions process. Her speed and efficiency are unsurpassed. Once I’ve finished my next novel, I’ll be certain to use her services again.”

MaryAnne Locher, author

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