We Need Diverse Books: The Children’s Literature Council of Southern California Spring Workshop

The Children’s Literature Council of Southern California  hosted a workshop titled “We Need Diverse Books.” Authors and Illustrators, as well as CLCSC members and guests, discussed the state of the children’s publishing industry and their own experiences with diverse books and the lack thereof. The event was emceed by Stacey Lee and included Lisa Yee, Nicola Yoon, Brandy Colbert, Stephanie Diaz, Lissa Price, Rodolfo Montalvo, Joe Cepeda, and Dan Santat. I had the honor of writing the official newsletter article, “We Need Diverse Books,” The CLC Spring Workshop: A Thought-Provoking Afternoon.” You can find the article in its entirety here.



We Need Diverse Books

The New York Times recently published an article about the lack of diversity in children’s books.

This set off a firestorm in the kidlit and social media spheres. Tumblr is spearheading the current #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign that’s taking place on its site, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs.

Details can be found here. Essentially, people post photos of themselves or books with the caption “We need diverse books because” and they give a reason. An example is below.

We need diverse books because everyone has a story to tell.

If this topic is of importance to you, be a part of the conversation!